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Rachel Carter creates woven sculptural pieces that demand a second look - and touch - from the viewer. The organic shapes are not crafted from willow as they appear, but using a method with wax the artist has developed to create the swirling, spherical monuments in Bronze.

Fluid shapes and geometric patterns found in nature have been translated through Carter's signature swirling weave using a range of techniques including crochet, basketry and macrame. The methods the artist once used with willow are now immortalised in breath-taking bronze; her unique process ensuring that every creation is an original, one-off piece.

In fact, in 2013 Carter became the first artist to weave in wax to create bronze sculptures using her wax method. Originally exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the first bronze piece can now be seen sitting within the Derwent Valley. Since then Rachel has been developing the wax weaving method further, experimenting with new resistant materials and methods of casting - that in some cases have not been used for thousands of years - to push the craft as far as it can go.

-Text taken from Artist Profiles, Inside Artist magazine 2015

To read more about Rachel's sculptures, visit her online blog

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