Knotted Bronze Spheres

This new body of work focuses on a new hand process, Macrame or Knotting, to create segments of worked cotton or linen that is be immortalised forever in Bronze. The five sculptures are currently touring the UK as part of 'Made In The Middle' exhibition which launched in December 2016 at The Herbert Gallery.

Hows It's Made:

Each sculpture begins with a sketch and an idea of size and scale required. A section of macrame is made on a cork board using waxed linen thread or dipped cotton cord. To create the hollow forms of the sculpture a negative solid core is required, made from a carved block of investment plaster. The final stage is bringing all the sections together, first the carved core is given a light sand and then the selected panel of macrame work is positioned and held in place with a series of waxed threads. Once the macrame is secured, the wax is worked onto the core and over the sides of the macrame panel until only small sections of knotting are remaining. The wax is sculpted and smoothed with a hot tool. This unique wax and linen sculpture is transported to the foundry to be transformed into bronze using the lost wax technique, where every individual knot and length of thread is preserved. The sculpture is finished with the artists signature stamp, given a polish of bees wax and attached onto it's plinth.
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